Lent reflections

Tuesdays in Lent at Christchurch: Questions Jesus asked

1. 4th March INTRO:

135 questions Jesus asked with pancakes!
Why did he ask so many questions? What are you looking for? (nipping into John’s Gospel!)

2. 11th March Who do you say that I am? (Matthew 16:15)

Will the Real Jesus please step forward?
What ‘picture did you have of Jesus from when you were young?
What strikes you most about Jesus now?
What do you ‘not like’ about what you know?
Who do you think he is?

3. 18th March Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye?(Matthew 7:3) Who am I to judge?

When was the last time someone really got up your nose?
What annoys you most about other people?
How do you match up to those around you?
How does God see each one of us?

4. 25th March What do you want me to do? (Matthew 20:21, 31)

What do we really expect of God?
What do you really think ‘prayer’ is?
Have you ever ‘cried out’ to God
Have you experienced ‘prayers’ being answered?
If you could ask one thing of God, right now, what would it be?

5. 1st April Why are you so afraid? (Matthew 8:26)

Trusting is never easy!
Do you find it easy to ‘Trust’ other people?
Have you ever been hurt through broken trust?
Why should we trust God?

6. 8th April Could you not keep watch with me for one hour? (Matthew 26:40)

You, me and God…..what a team!
Think about the story…. How would you have acted that night?… Why?
Why did Jesus want them with him?

7. 15th April My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? (Matthew 27:46)

What it cost him to give us a new chance!
Why did Jesus have to die like that?
Why did he.. the Son of God.. feel that he was ‘forsaken’?
What did the Crucifixion achieve for us?

Deanery Discovery Day: Supporting the Local

Saturday 16th November 2013, Viney Hill Christian Adventure Centre

We are holding a Deanery Discovery Day: Supporting the Local on Saturday 16th November at Viney Hill Christian Adventure Centre. There will be a lot going on including displays, talks, chances to try activities at the Centre, food, a Cafe Corner, children and young people’s activities etc.

16th November will also be the beginning of our Week of Prayer for the Deanery and the Deanery Discovery Day will start with a Prayer Breakfast. We hope to have a prayer chain running throughout the day.

The plan is that it will be a whole day of events running until 09:00 pm in the evening. The aim is to have various events and talks throughout the day which people can drop in and out of as they wish. It is not expected that people will come for the whole day – but they can if they want. Static displays will be up all day and when there are events for specific groups e.g. Readers, LMT, ‘Open the Book’ etc.

We want parishes to be involved so all will be invited to ‘Pray and Display’ – we would like each parish/benefice to bring a display about themselves and what they do. We will also have a prayer diary for the week of prayer that includes input from each church.

There will also be a Deanery Golf Tournament (not at the Adventure Centre) – please contact Alan Robinson e-mail: afr.chairman@yahoo.co.uk to register your interest.

Steve Grindrod is arranging the day with Tim Greenhalgh and the Centre. Please contact Steve on steve@copsegrove.com for more details

Please pass this on!

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Deanery Week of Prayer

Tim Greenhalgh, Deanery Treasurer and member of the Deanery Mission and Pastoral Group writes

You may recall from the last Deanery Synod that we advised you that we were calling for a week of prayer across the deanery during the week Saturday 24th November to Friday 30th November. Since we are aware of so many concerns, initiatives, joys and sorrows and uncertainties within all our parishes, it was felt that we should make a special effort to unite as one – and commit ourselves as a Deanery to a specific week of prayer – to seek God’s purposes for His church and His people is the Forest area.

The idea is that each parish, benefice or church should set aside specific time(s) within their weekly programme for their congregations to pray. At the end of the week we shall all come together for a magnificent time of Prayer and Praise at St James, Bream on the Friday evening 30th November. (Gather at 6:30pm, Prayer & Praise at 7:30pm. – more details to follow).

To help us to pray intelligently for each other during this special week, I would like to publish a Prayer Page for your parishioners to help us focus on the good things God is doing in our situations and also the areas where we feel rather less certain about the way ahead. It would be great to receive from you two or three items of praise / encouragement (perhaps a sentence or two at the most on each) and two or three topical items for specific prayer which are relevant to your parish and situation. This might be a particular problem you face or it may be a new initiative you are considering – you know what the key areas are! If you feel it appropriate, it would be great if you could be as open and candid as possible so that we can really focus on the things that are on your heart.

Please let Tim know as soon as possible of you have any prayer points.